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Certificación AENOR

Quality policy of the Estación Fitopatolóxica Areeiro

The Management Office of EFA has always been aware that quality systems are management tools that can help organisations to control and improve their operation. EFA is currently certified for trials in three sections: Molecular Biology, Edaphology and Phytopathology.

Besides the support and the promotion of the quality system, the Management Office wants to declare the commitment of the entire organisation to the following aspects:

  • To fulfil the requirements of the standard ISO 9001
  • To fulfil the legal and other applicable requirements
  • To obtain the highest quality in our trials assuring they are carried out with good professional practices, regarding the client's specifications and under a rigorous quality control which guarantees the reliability of the trials
  • To promote the acquisition of the necessary material and human resources for the development of our quality policy
  • To continuously implement, maintain and improve the quality system in order to be used as a helpful and effective tool for our management
  • To carry out, at least, one annual global inspection of the system

And it wants to stablish the quality policy of the laboratory through the following goals:

  • To satisfy the needs of our clients, of the regulating authorities and of the organisations in charge of our recognition
  • To constantly improve the service provided to our customers
  • To work at the highest level of quality in our trials
  • To assure the continuous training of the laboratory staff

The Management Office understands that quality is everyone's responsibility, and therefore, it requires the staff involved with the system to get familiar with the documentation and to continue applying it in their daily work through the stablished documents. Moreover, it also entrusts to the Quality Manager the responsibility for supervising the efficacy and implementation of the system, and for guarantying it is implemented and applied in every moment.

Pontevedra, 2 May 2017