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VI International ISHS Symposium on Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Crops.
Faro (Portugal), 19-23 may 2008


Efecto del abonado y del sistema de conducción en las propiedades organolépticas del fruto del kiwi en el noroeste de Portugal

C. Salinero, P. Piñón, M.J. Lema,

Estación Fitopatolóxica do Areeiro. Excma. Diputación Provincial de Pontevedra. Subida a la Robleda s/n. 36153 Pontevedra.

ABSTRACT: In our latitude, expectations of the kiwifruit sector regarding kiwi productions with high yields and an adequate fruit size have been fulfilled. Thus, at present, this sector is focusing their efforts towards the quality improvement of fruit sensory properties, highly demanded by the consumer, so as to be competitive in the international market. There are several sensory properties that determine quality in kiwifruit. A kiwifruit is considered to have a good flavour quality standard, when the content rate of soluble solids (ºBrix) is the highest when consumed. Dry matter is another parameter internationally accepted as an indicator of the “intrinsic” quality of kiwifruit. The acidity and the starch content play an important role on the attainment of these quality standards. The aim of the present work is to determine the effect of fertilization and training (T- bar or pergola) on content and evolution of these sensory parameters. Assays were performed during 2007 in kiwi orchards in Northern Portugal (Kiwi Ibérica S.A.), taking fruit samples every two weeks from anthesis until harvest. Sensory properties of these fruits were analyzed according to AOAC methods. Results showed that training systems influenced significantly on dry matter, soluble solids, starch content and acidity. Significant differences were also observed between both fertilization practices during the first phases of fruit development; but these differences disappeared in later stages.

Keywords: Actinidia deliciosa, dry matter, º Brix, starch, acidity, training system