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VI Congreso Ibérico de Ciencias Hortícolas
Logroño 25 - 29 May, 2009

Efectos de la aplicación de abonos orgánicos en suelos ácidos cultivados

P. Rodríguez, M. J. Lema

Estación Fitopatolóxica do Areeiro. Deputación de Pontevedra. Subida a la Robleda s/n, E-36153 Pontevedra.

ABSTRACT:The present work studies the fertilizing ability of three organic commercial products (sheep manure, vermicompost and fish guano), and their effect on cultivable land with acid soils, with the aim to optimize the range and the way of application of these materials. In one of the studied soils, showing high levels of exchange aluminium, although the saturation % of this element in the cambium complex was reduced thanks to the incorporation of Ca, Mg and K with the organic materials, Al levels were not reduced under 0.5 cmolckg-1. When applying fertilizers at high doses with the aim to provide 180 U.F. of N, these supply P, Mg and K at doses that can be excessive, being necessary to regulate doses to avoid lack of balance among nutrients, specially guano, due to its large potassium concentration. With all tested treatments barley productions were higher than control soils, being the increment directly related to the dose of the fertilizer applied.

Keywords: Vermicompost, sheep manure, fish guano, fertilizing ability, indicative crop.