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2010 International Camellia Congress

Kurume (Japón) 20 - 24 March, 2010

Spanish camellias in the International Camellia Register

María González*, Carmen Salinero, Pilar Vela, J. Luis Couselo

¹Estación Fitopatolóxica do Areeiro. Deputación de Pontevedra. Subida a la Robleda s/n, E-36153 Pontevedra.

ABSTRACT: At present, the camellias have completely adapted to our environmental conditions and are widespread in northwestern Spain, being part of almost every public garden or private house. Moreover, this plant has become part of our culture, traditions and history. Today some camellias more than two centuries old are still thriving in the historical gardens in our region. Some of these plants could have been originated in Spain, but we lack information regarding the age and origin of most plants. Thus, the International Camellia Register, a publication comprising all available written information on camellia cultivars only lists 12 cultivars originated between 1855 and 1980. Nowadays, new camellia varieties are being created and registered both by nurseries and private owners. This work will deal with the history of the early Galician cultivars, the registration of new varieties in our region in the last years and the future perspectives on this matter.

Keywords: Galicia, ICS, nursery, Mateni, Lalandi, Nanaza